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Parliamntary Debate


A debate is a formal discussion, for example in a parliament or institution, in which people express different opinions about a particular subject and then vote on it. Participants take different sides as per the structure of the house and rules and have to give their constructives and destructives to the other opinions.

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• To build capacity to analyze and deliberate on different matters
• To develop interest among students regarding the political scenario of the country
• To provide the youth a broader perspective on different issues which helps form their opinion on them.
• To develop capacity of students for problem solving and critical thinking
• To develop patience in them in order to listen and understand perspectives of other individuals
• To make them understand the importance of free speech and thought
• To make students aware of various problems that are present in our society and formulating solutions for them
• Developing Leaders for Tomorrow or Leaders of the Future

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What We Offer?

Training Services

Intoductory and Orienation Sessions on Debating and Different formats of Debating
Intoduction on Adjudication
Topic/ Motion based preparation, Rebuttal and Opposition Analysis
Logical Reseasoning, Debating Strategies, Problem Solving

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What We Offer?

Advisory Services

1. Setting up Motions, appointment of Adjudicators
2. Detailed timeline for all the events before and during the event like release of applications, setting tabs
3. Mentoring the orgaising committee of the conference.
4. Logistic help to the school like getting the secretariat connected with reasonable printing shops and helping them choose from the various options.
5. Making Financial Budget for the conference including the delegate fees, executive board remuneration, and award structure.

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