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The Dais


International Centre For Sustainable Development (ICSD) is a joint initiative of The Dais Foundation and The District Administration, Champawat, Uttarakhand towards achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The vision of ICSD inspired from Hon’ble PM Modi Ji’s vision of Sankalp Se Sidhhi to address critical Global Goals for Sustainable Development in India by 2022 and to facilitate knowledge and capacity building of individuals, organisations and governments from across the world to enable them to make a collective, coordinated and sustainable impact to combat poverty, climate change, to achieve gender equality, good health and to promote quality education and access to clean water and sanitation.

Our interventions have been focused on -

Community Awareness, Youth Empowerment and Action on Climate Change, Gender Equality, Quality Education

Capacity Building and Assistance for NGOs working various SDGs

Engagement in Policy and Project formulation with Government Bodies to achieve SDGs

Skill Building for Educational Institutions with value based learning

A Man Works In Office


Envisioned to empower people to have a better tomorrow, and to that end, aims to provide a stage and a platform to people to get an access to opportunities to develop and get connected, to bring people together to strengthen civil society and citizen and government action.

1. To assist capacity building in social sector through training activities.
2. To provide skill building services to educational institutions.
3. To promote awareness on sustainable development goals.
4. To promote access to education in rural and urban areas.
5. To sensitize the community on gender equality.
6. To raise funds for social development and assisting other organisations.
7. To develop leadership in youth across rural and urban areas.
8. To facilitate national and international partnerships between various organizations for development.
9. To organize and host seminars, festivals and conferences to create awareness, build capacity and networks.
10.To promote peace building, peace education and youth leadership in the community.
11.To strengthen Civil Society and Citizen Action.