The Dais Foundation

Education For Sustainable Development

Awareness Campaigns on Sustainable Development Goals

The In the spirit of Collective Actions, we continue to partner and work with various NGOs and Youth organizations to create awareness on Gender, Climate Change Action, Sanitation and Health.

Partnership with NGOs and Youth Organizations and Societies

We welcome NGOs to work as partners to lead social media or a direct field intervention in their area of work.

Awareness and Activism Workshops with students on Sustainable Development

We are eager to partner and work with conferences hosted by Educational Institutions, youth led or youth focused organizations and any other organization to put the issue of Sustainable Development on the agenda for the youth. Awareness is the first step towards action on any issue. We assist the events and conferences in conceptualization, structuring and organizing. We also assist the conferences with speakers and youth leaders to interact with students and guide them in taking active lead in addressing their local issues.

We Support SDG's