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Communication For Change

Communication For Change

Communication means conveyance of one’s thoughts to another. While the medium of such communication maybe written, oral or symbolic through gestures; the core idea of communication remains the process of conveyance.

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• Long-term development of communication ability for the students.
• To develop ability to think logically and also articulate thoughts into words, structure them in efficient literary schemes.
• to make students proficient in understanding and employing different mediums of communication
• integration of Communication with the Academic curriculum
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What We Offer?


With Long term development of communication being the intent of the module, the module is Divided into 3 progressive phases.

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Why, What and How's of Communication

Phase 1

Orientation Session and Group Discussion on importance of communication
Interactive sessions with students through simulations
Introduction to Contexual Communication, Leadership and Public Speaking
Self Introspection Exercises
One to one Sessions with students to understand their deeper hesitations in communcation

Conveyance of Thoughts

Phase 2

Public Speaking ( General and Situational ) and English Communication Workshops
Debating - Group Discussions, Conventional and Parliamentary Debate
Introductory Writing Workshops for Professional Communication
Application of Skills - Model UN Conference, Youth Parliament

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Integration of Communication with the Academic curriculum

Phase 3

Quizzing Workshops - Assignments will include preparing quizzes for student's subjects in class
Case Study Analysis Workshops
Research Methods Workshops with Research Paper Writing - will be contexualized for academic subjects
Negotiation and Cross Cultural Communcation Workshops
Simulation with workshops in basics of social science, economics, political science